ECOC 2014

Check out the latest FOX-C results at ECOC 2014

Papers: P.3.13, P.4.2, P.5.7, We.1.5.4, We.1.5.2, We.2.3.1, We.3.3.2

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The 6th plenary meeting of FOX-C was hosted by ASTON in Birmingham.


ECOC 2014

FOX-C results presented in the project's first postdealine paper at ECOC 2014!

HUJI and FINISAR report groundbreaking results on a fine resolution filter for OFDM demultiplexing and Nyquist shaping applications.

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ECOC 2014


Prof. Ioannis Tomkos, during the recent ECOC show, commented on key developments and trends.

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